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Fryd Vape Carts

In 2022, Fryd Extracts made a notable entrance into the vape disposable market. Initially, we introduced Fryd Extracts Live Resins, followed by the unveiling of Fryd Extracts Liquid Diamonds. These disposables quickly gained immense popularity, becoming highly sought-after vapes throughout 2022, and this momentum has carried forward into 2023. Notably, Fryd has risen to the top, surpassing Jeeter Juice Live Resin to become the leading vape in 2023. The journey began with the launch of Fryd Live Resins at the start of 2022, offering an array of 10 initial flavors. Shortly after, we expanded our lineup by introducing 5 distinct flavors of Fryd Liquid Diamonds. The Fryd Liquid Diamonds are renowned for being the cleanest and most potent concentrates available, achieving a remarkable balance by combining live resin sauce with THCa Diamonds.