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MUHA MEDS- Cali OG (2000 MG 0.071 OZ)

Cali OG – a hybrid strain that embodies the laid-back ethos and agricultural richness of California. With a robust 2000 mg of premium cannabis oil, each 0.071 oz cartridge is designed to deliver a nuanced symphony of the Golden State's finest flavors. Cali OG marries the mellow, earthy undertones native to the West Coast's iconic OG strains with a modern twist, offering a smooth, well-rounded high that caters to both the body and mind. Ideal for those seeking to indulge in the spirit of California's cannabis culture, Cali OG is your portable piece of West Coast heaven.


Each product is a testament to MUHA MEDS' commitment to quality, capturing the essence of each strain's unique characteristics. Whether you prefer the tranquil serenity of indicas or the energetic buzz of sativas, these products offer a sophisticated and memorable cannabis experience.