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Hybrid % Sativa /30% Indica 

THC 20% CBG 1%

Nightshade, also referred to as Night Shade, stands as an indica cannabis strain derived from a cross between Kashmir and Nepalese landrace strains. This strain is 20% THC and holds a 1% CBG content, rendering it suitable for both beginners and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. According to Scoops Worldwide customers, Nightshade's effects encompass a sense of drowsiness, heightened arousal, and euphoria. In the realm of medical cannabis, individuals grappling with symptoms related to anxiety, insomnia, and pain often opt for Nightshade to find relief. Crafted by Barneys Farm, this strain presents a flavor profile rich in notes of tree fruit, diesel, and plum. Myrcene takes the lead as the dominant terpene in Nightshade. As for pricing, Nightshade typically costs around $60 on average. If you've had the chance to experience Nightshade through smoking, dabbing, or any other method, we invite you to share your firsthand encounter and insights by leaving a strain review.