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Candy Zoap

Zoap is a unique cannabis variety created by merging Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava, developed by Deo Farms in Oakland, CA. This strain is known for its rapid and potent effects, offering a surge of happiness and a positive mindset. According to user reviews on Leafly, Zoap induces feelings of laughter, relaxation, and appetite. It has a distinctive sweet, floral, and soapy taste with hints of earthiness. Zoap is also popular among medical marijuana users for its potential benefits in alleviating chronic pain, stress, depression, and nausea. The development of Zoap began with OZ Kush seeds from Dying Breed, featuring a mix of Eddy OG and Z. Deo Farms selected two variations of OZ Kush to create their Pink Guava. Later, they crossed Pink Guava with Sunset Sherbert, initiating the "RS" series, where "RS" denotes Rainbow Sherbert. From this series, LA cultivator Wizard Trees chose RS#11 and RS#54, while Deo used RS#16, crossing it back with RS to create Zoap.