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Mafia Funeral- (3.5g)

Hybrid % Sativa / 1% CBG 

Mafia Funeral is a hybrid cannabis strain crafted from a blend of Falcon 9 and Menthol genetics. Created by Compound Genetics, this strain delivers a powerful and flavorful experience that induces a blissful state of relaxation and euphoria. The buds are dark green with striking purple hues and orange hairs, all coated in frosty trichomes. With a THC content ranging from 20-25%, Mafia Funeral is best suited for seasoned cannabis users.

Users on Leafly report that Mafia Funeral leaves them feeling happy, relaxed, and creative. It's a popular choice among medical marijuana patients for alleviating symptoms of stress, pain, and depression. The strain boasts a unique flavor profile featuring menthol, garlic, and citrus, with caryophyllene as the dominant terpene, contributing to its spicy, fuel-like aroma.

Mafia Funeral typically sells for $15-$20 per gram and is considered a rare and exclusive strain. If you find it, don't miss the opportunity to give it a try. Have you tried Mafia Funeral? Share your experience by leaving a review!