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Lemon Cherry Gelato

Hybrid % Sativa /75% Indica 

THC 24% CBG 1%

Lemon Cherry Gelato, a hybrid cannabis strain, is the result of crossing Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. With a THC content of 25%, this strain is particularly favored by experienced cannabis users. Customers on Leafly have reported effects like a tingling sensation, relaxation, and an uplifted mood when using Lemon Cherry Gelato. In the realm of medical marijuana, individuals dealing with symptoms related to anxiety, pain, and stress often find relief with this strain. Created by Backpackboyz, Lemon Cherry Gelato is characterized by an aroma that includes hints of lime, berries, and citrus, accompanied by flavors of lemon and sweet fruit. Caryophyllene stands out as the dominant terpene in this strain. If you've had the opportunity to try Lemon Cherry Gelato through smoking, dabbing, or another consumption method, we'd appreciate hearing about your personal experience by leaving a strain review.