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Puff La -Blueberry Lemonade: ( Liquid Diamond Gummies 500 mg )

Blueberry Lemonade: Savor the harmonious blend of juicy blueberries and the zesty punch of lemonade. These gummies offer a refreshingly sweet and sour experience, with the added sparkle of Liquid Diamond infusion for an effervescent lift to your senses.


Each PUFF LA Gummy pack contains 10 pieces, with each gummy loaded with 50mg of the finest quality extracts, summing up to 500mg per pack. They're perfect for both the flavor seeker and the experience chaser, providing an exquisite balance of taste and potency. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or just treating yourself to some delicious fun, PUFF LA Liquid Diamond Gummies are your go-to choice.